It’s not a secret that building a website with a ready-made template is fast and takes less effort than creating it from scratch. That is the reason why templates have become so popular. There are various categories of templates that people may find on the Internet. Some of them are suitable for e-commerce. Others are a good option to build a landing page to announce a particular event. However, there are templates that one may use for different purposes. Moreover, they have special features to make any website look more attractive. These are the animated website templates.

What are the Advantages of Using Animation on the Website?

  • First of all, html5 animated website templates have more chances to draw people’s attention to make them stay on the website. Thus, it will be easier to encourage them to take proper action.
  • One more point in favor of animation is that people are more likely to share such content. Thus, it will contribute to creating customer loyalty.
  • It’s possible to create an animated story to tell your clients about the history of your success.

You may find superb collections of animated website templates.

Let’s have a look at some vivid samples of HTML5 animated website templates from TemplateMonster Marketplace.


Fluid & Animated Coming Soon Template Website Template
Fluid is an animated website template designed for a coming soon page. It’s a perfect solution to start the hype for a new project beforehand. The more impressive the coming soon page is, the more people will be waiting for a product launch. The template comes with the following features:

  • four layouts to select the best one for a particular project. There is an option with the image background, background slider, video background, and minimal layout;
  • smooth animations to make the page more eye-catching;
  • the countdown plugin to let people know when they will be able to access the website.

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Bonobomb - Full Animated Zoo Website Template
Do you want to attract new clients to the zoo? Create a bright website with Bonobomb that is a premium animated template for the website. Besides a stylish and colorful design and cool animation, it offers the following:

  • stick-to-top menu to help your clients move pages or sections on your website;
  • SEO optimization to let your website reach the top results while being searched for;
  • fast speed and performance to encourage people to stay on the site when making the right decision;
  • a pack of relevant images of the highest quality provided free of charge;
  • the contact form to allow customers to get in touch with you.

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Kanter - Creative Responsive Minimalistic HTML Website Template
Are you looking for a multipurpose animated template for a website? With Kanter, you will create either a one-page or multipage one. It’s suitable both for a personal and business website. Being minimalist, it offers awesome functionality.

  • Designed with love to detail, the template is ready to use at once.
  • There are 47 pre-built pages to choose the ones you like.
  • It’s possible to add Youtube and Vimeo videos to the website.
  • One may create a modern portfolio to showcase products or services.
  • Despite animation and an opportunity to upload a video, the template is lightweight and ensures the fast performance of the website.

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Wildlife Multipage HTML Template
Do you want to draw people’s attention to your wildlife foundation? A website with a relevant design is the best way to do it. WildLife is an animated website template that includes proper visual effects to impress the audience. Besides them, there are also:

  • different ready-made pages to describe your foundation, such as About us, Projects, Donate, etc;
  • free images that you may use on your website;
  • a responsive layout that makes it possible for people to access your website from any location and device;
  • a pack of useful UI elements and blocks to make the site more user-friendly.

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FUNTURE - Interactive Architecture Website Template
FUNTURE is one of HTML5 animated website templates to build a website for an architecture company. There are a lot of features that will help you highlight the benefits of your company.

  • The template design will impress your customers, as it is fashionable and modern.
  • You will find 18 HTML pages and a custom introduction page to use to your advantage.
  • There is a Photo Gallery popup to demonstrate successful projects in your portfolio.
  • The animation is fully editable. Thus, you will easily adjust it to your requirements.
  • You may add the blog to the website to post the articles about your services or some interesting materials.

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Orscope - Interactive Photography Website Template
What can be a better option for a photography website than an animated website template? Orscope is an excellent interactive photography template to make an attractive presentation of your talent. The following features will help you achieve this goal:

  • Bootstrap 4 guarantees that your website will be responsive;
  • the Gallery feature makes it possible to add the samples of your videos and photos;
  • the Showcase Slider opens unlimited opportunities for your portfolio demonstration. The animation will enhance this effect and make your projects look more impressive;
  • experts from customer support are ready to help you in case you have any questions.

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Vita - Responsive Website Template
Vita is a responsive website template designed to create fascinating websites for different purposes. It’s an animated website background template that offers you a chance to add a background image to the header. This is not the only benefit you will get.

  • There are six demos to select the necessary one and customize it to satisfy your requirements.
  • More than 33 pages are at your disposal. Among them, there are such samples as About us, Services, FAQ, Search Results, etc.
  • Ten navigation variants, 12 slider options, different alternatives for the header, and footer are waiting for you in the package.

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Astrology Website Template
AstroCentre is a premium animated template for a website that is ideal for an astrology or horoscope website. It’s a multipage HTML template with an appropriate color scheme and other features.

  • There are more than 34 premade HTML5 pages to select the important ones for your website.
  • Due to the rich UI Kit, you will be able to take advantage of various elements, such as progress bars, checkboxes, etc.
  • There are five blog layouts to find the best one for your particular case and post thought-provoking articles.
  • The animated template for the website contains an e-commerce page to add the store to the website without any additional expenses.

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Alo - Truly Multipurpose Website Template
Do you need a creative multipurpose template to build a website for your design agency? Alo is a superb solution for this. It is one of the html5 animated website templates that are easy to modify according to your needs.

  • Eight variants of Homepage for diverse niches are waiting for you in the package.
  • There are more than 80 layouts and other pages to use for different purposes.
  • You will appreciate a wide range of footer and header style variations, as well as custom elements groups.
  • You don’t have to worry about search engine optimization, as the animated website template is SEO-optimized.

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Pexr - Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Website Template
Pexr is one of the animated website templates that fit any business niche. It’s multipurpose, with neat and clean design. The following features are at your disposal:

  • 10 Homepages to choose the one that demonstrates the advantages of your business;
  • the Coming Soon page to announce the official start of your project;
  • more than 100 other pages with different layouts;
  • revolution slideshow to showcase either products or services you provide;
  • Google Fonts to work with typography and make it more attractive;
  • cross-browser compatibility to let your clients access the website from any browser.

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Jada - Creative Portfolio Website Template
Jada is a premium animated template for a website with a portfolio as a primary feature. It will be an excellent option both for freelancers and agencies due to many useful characteristics.

  • It is possible to add a video to the background that can be one of the samples from your portfolio.
  • CSS code allows using a gradient or particle background, as well.
  • This creative template has a responsive design and a clean code.

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404 – Page Not Found

404 - Animated Page Mega Pack Website Template
Such a simple page as 404 – Page Not Found can also be attractive because of the animation effects. There is a 404 – Animated Page Mega Pack Website Template that offers you 26 demos of this page.

  • The demos have different color schemes to find the one that is more appropriate for your website.
  • All the demos contain the Search form and social media buttons.
  • The package includes Google Fonts to customize the typography.
  • The animation effects are smooth.
  • Due to the Bootstrap 3.0 framework, the animated template for the website is responsive.

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School Daycare for Kids & Children Ecommerce Website Template
If you want to build a catchy website for children, KidKite is the animated website template you need. It’s a premium animated template for the website of different types. You may use it to make a website for a school or other education establishment, online store, or landing to announce a particular event. The template contains the following features:

  • 37 page templates to select the ones you need, depending on the purpose of the website;
  • the Coming Soon page with the Countdown widget to let people know how much time to wait;
  • more than 300 icons to add functionality to the site.

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Reximost - Personal Portfolio HTML Website Template
It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of a personal portfolio for creative people. If you provide different services to people, your website will help you market your skills properly. Reximost is an animated template for a website with an impressive portfolio. The features it comes with guarantee you will showcase your work in the best possible way.

  • There are eight variants of Homepage to choose from. It can be either light or dark.
  • The template contains all the required sections to add the necessary information. For instance, besides the facts about your services and portfolio, you may use the Testimonials section or the Blog.
  • One may make a background slideshow demonstrating the most interesting works.

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Cat Place

Cat Place HTML Website template
Do you run a cat club and want to attract more people to your community? Creating a website with Cat Place is the solution. This is one of the most powerful html5 animated website templates to use for this purpose.

  • Cat Place is a multipage template with more than 25 pre-built HTML5 pages.
  • Multiple Gallery types feature allows displaying pictures from different events.
  • There is the Newsletter Subscription Form to let the members of the club leave their emails and receive useful information.

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Wrapping Up

These are the most engaging samples of animated website templates. As you can see, animation works perfectly well for online stores, landing pages, coming soon pages, portfolio websites. It is an effective way to keep your audience’s attention and deliver the key message of your business. Animation effects help you create the content of high quality. Thus, it is worth using html5 animated website templates to create a website for your business. It will be easier for you to talk to your audience and help clients make the right decision.