“Your customer is the center of your business” – you might have heard this statement almost everywhere by your peers or elders that they speak out of their business experience; and, it is correct by each word in the sentence. If your customer is not happy with your services or your products, you might be losing the grip over the market; hence, resulting in the fall in the business.

Nowadays, people have gone mobile and so does the businesses. A smartphone has tied almost every other hand you can see around because of its reliability and convenient usability.

Even statistics say that there are over 3.8 billion of unique mobile internet users out of the total number of 4.1 billion of active internet users across the world; which clearly shows that the number of people active on mobile phones is higher than the ones active on the desktops.

Thus, it becomes vital for the businesses to please their customers with business’ mobile applications. However, this itself is another task. There are many companies those have or are running businesses through their unique mobile apps, and to stand out of this crowd with the best of your business services can become your essential goal.

Thus, here I bring some of the productive tips to apply while you are designing a mobile app for your business which will make your customers fond of your business services and products.

Tip #1. Know your user

The first and most primary aspect of developing a business app or more precisely – a User-Friendly App, is you need to Who, What, and How is your mobile app user.

By this I mean, you need to understand what type of population group can you assist to with your mobile application.

“Who are those people?”, “What can they or would they like to have?”, “How would they want the mobile app to be?” These can be some of the primary questions which should strike your mind if you preach your customer.

To answer the above questions to yourself, you would need to do proper research and analysis of all the facts and figures related to the type of your application.

If you are a newbie to the mobile app development, you can hire mobile app developers with excellent market knowledge and experience. You can discuss the details with them and mutually, after the discussion, you can come to a point where you get a clear picture of your mobile app’s functionalities.

Tip #2. Think of the User’s heart

Well, you can say that I am asking you to love your customer; but hey, weren’t you supposed to do that. I am asking you to dive deep into the facts – what all you have and what all can you offer that could please your customers. Being a business owner, you should love your customer more than yourself. Well, the benefit is that you will get a place directly in their hearts which is a total win for your business.

Understand well to what your users get motivated and intrigued, and place the triggers smartly directing them to what you want them to do by letting them enjoy what they love to do. Get the best mobile app development services provider by your side to help you work on the facts and achieve better results.

If you grasp up this theory thoroughly into your veins, you are going to live up to all the target charts that you set to achieve your business dream goals.

Tip #3. Plan and Design

Now that you know what your customer likes, create a plan that suits the customer needs and your business purpose. Of course, you would do that, but here I bring something important to note.

You should plan for the application which your user will love, at the same time, you have to make the user love what you are offering. Remember the previous tip, you need to understand what triggers the user’s motivation and at the same time, you have to motivate the user to do what you desire.

Choose the best one from the top 10 mobile app development companies which you list down, share your research and requirements with them; they can create a plan sheet for you and a rough design matching the specifications.

Tip #4. Check the design

You have climbed one step up in the ladder; you have the rough sketch in your hands. You need to check how does it look like; is it easy to browse through the application; does it look intriguing for the users; does it match up to your specifications; you need to check this.

Ask a non-technical friend or a relative to use that application and listen to them. Most of the new users leave the application because it looks complicated to understand.

Focus on the interface. Do the buttons look relatively big enough and are easy to read? Do they direct to your desired call to action in an intriguing way to the user? Does the application reflect the business purpose on it?

These are some essential aspects which matter for the user retention with the application. Listen carefully to the feedbacks your friend gives you and try to understand and work on every aspect with a detailed eye.

Tip #5. Tune up your design

Well, it is up to you to choose the type of smartphone platforms you would like your application to perform on.

However, it is advisable to customize your application for all the possible platforms. The applications on an iPhone work differently than they do on the Android phones. We know very well that every individual has a different size, the same way every platform has different specifications of its own.

It is quite necessary that you hire mobile app developers those provide ios app development services as well as the android application development services with equal efficiencies. It will help if you are dealing with the design keeping the user in mind, of course, making sure that you have the design principals that match the specifications of the platform you are designing it for.

Tip #6. Grids are much convenient

You can consider this as a tip as well as user feedback. It is beneficial when you use a grid in your mobile app design.

It helps maintain the consistency in the mobile app while moving from a page to another. It pleases the user’s eyes as well as help the designers maintain the evenness throughout the app.

Efficient mobile application development services know how to maintain this visual connectivity throughout the development, and they also help you by developing more user-friendly features in the app.

Tip #7. Mark the user’s convenience as your app’s principal

Mobile application developers should always keep the user-convenience in mind while developing the application. Put yourself in the user’s place. Try understanding that whether your designed application is comfort or trouble for your user.

Let’s say that you are building the application only to sell your physical products; however, your mobile app is an online store of your business. If you don’t make it convenient for the user to shop or contact on your online store or the mobile app, you may lose the grip over there.

Hire mobile app developers with the best of the android app development services and iPhone application development services to offer your business and keep the user convenience at their heart.

Tip #8. Focus on UI and UX

While you are building a mobile app, you need to focus on the betterment of the UI and UX of your application. Check whether the app is easy to navigate for the user. Check whether the forms are quick to fill and reach to the desired action. Don’t keep long forms for the user to fill up. They may get irritated and leave the application with the lousy user experience.

Keep the names in the menu informative. Don’t make your application a puzzle for the user to solve; they might better download a jigsaw puzzle app instead of your business app. Keep the titles short and precise. This can help the user get what they precisely want and have a better user experience on your application.

Tip #9. Tie tight knots on the security

It is unnecessary to explain how important security is in all the aspects in today’s times. So this means that you need to keep the security high in every feature in your mobile app.

Nowadays, mobile phones store a massive amount of data starting from our current physical locations to credit card credentials. If a user gets even a minor hint or feeling that your mobile app is not secure enough for them to use, they will immediately quit the application and a negative review as well probably.

To avoid such a scenario, run proper checks on your mobile app. Test the mobile app; this may sound something new, but it is highly impactful. If, for example, you choose to build your application for the iOS platform and hire the best iPhone app development company to assist you, they can also run the tests on your application on every step of the development.

Tip #10. Replicate the real world

If you are keeping the user at the center while thinking of developing the app, you also need to consider imitating the real world with the application. It is quite easy for the user to roam around in your application if the things and features seem matching the real world features to them.

For example, if you are building an online shopping application, study well about the tastes and behavior of people related to the products and accordingly enrich the features in the application for the user.

If you own an Indian business of clothes and garments, you should search for the efficient mobile app development services in India who already understand the behavior of the population and can develop a practical application for your business.

Tip #11. Be the Master of One

We all have heard the saying – “Jack of all, Master of None”. Don’t let this be the one called out for your application.

Select one thing, focus on that and master it with your application. A smartphone has a small screen; so, don’t burst it up by filling too many features in the application.

Keep the app clean-looking focusing on a SINGLE primary purpose. Be thoughtful and precise in your mind with the purpose and then master the development with it.

Don’t create a buffet of features in your application and confuse the user with what to select. Make it a simple attempt to surf through your application and get what you are offering.

Tip #12. Hold that helping hand

Whether you are a fresh one or a seasoned player, you always need support by your side to achieve your goal. Be it distant or close; you certainly require help while developing a mobile application.

It is very much logical to hire a mobile app development company in the USA, a company for mobile app development in India or the one best in your zone. These service providers are always up-to-date with the technology and the trends in the market.

They are very much aware of the customer taste and behavior regarding the particular aspects, and they always are efficient to guide you and develop the best features for your applications.

These mobile app developers will take a step forth in developing the user-friendly application you desire for your business.


Considering all the points, we get the knowledge of the importance of creating a user-centric mobile application to strive in the competition and thrive among the mobile application market. However, the triumph is not only to be achieved once but to maintain for long. Thus, it is quite a wise decision to keep the support by the side of your business.

Furthermore, we being one of the best mobile app development companies in India, provide the most efficient mobile app development services in India, and we love to be reached out and help on the mobile app development projects with all the new and innovative challenges.

Author Bio:

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients.