We’re excited to announce: Web3Canvas has officially launched! Premium Templates and Resources.

About Web3Canvas

Web3Canvas provides premium like templates and resources for free. Here you will get premium HTML5 CSS3 templates, UI elements, WordPress themes, PSD files, Jquery plugins, Graphics, Icons and more… for free!! Also we are providing tutorials, articles, giveaways etc. All of our resources are handcrafted by experienced professionals to maintain the quality. Also we have a Premium section having quality resources at reasonable price because all of the resources are coming directly from the makers.

Origin of Name

The name “Web3Canvas” originated from 2 words, “Web3” and “Canvas”. Web3 came from Web 3.0 (also means www i.e., w3 or web3) and Canvas from <canvas> tag of html5.

Differences from others?

I know there are lot of websites available to share free resources to you. As we all know, the motive of all of these sites are converting these resources into Dollars in many ways. So, normally we didn’t get the exact resource what we need. Also we can see lot of files that are not really needed. But here in Web3Canvas you can find that all of our resources are wanted. Another thing is Quality. We can find lot of freebies that are not up to the standards. Some websites are giving these items and linking to quality resources and that is paid. But in Web3Canvas you can find premium files like those for free.

Who is behind?

Web3Canvas was founded by Surjith SM, Senior UX/UI Designer/Strategist from God’s own Country, India. Surjith has over 5 years’ experience in designing outstanding web-based products for consumer-oriented websites. He is passionate to learn new stuffs and like reading tech blogs and articles.

More about Surjith SM

Website: www.surjithctly.in Email: [email protected] Twitter: @surjithctly


Never. Luckily I have lot of talented friends who are helping to support Web3Canvas. But I know these are not enough. We need your support. We are nothing without your support.

How can I support?

  1. If you are a normal visitor, finding for some cool stuff, you can send us your Suggestions, Feedback, and Freebie Request etc. so that we can improve it. Click here to submit form
  2. If you are a designer or developer, you can become our Contributor.by sending your resources to us. We will publish it to our site once we reviewed. Submit here
  3. If you have good writing skills, you can become our author by posting articles for us. Click here to become an author.
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Future plans

Lot of high quality freebies and wonderful features are coming soon. With your extreme support, we are planning to grow Web3Canvas in to a better level. Always you can suggest us an improvement of feature request here

Once again welcome to Web3Canvas.