Creating a WordPress blog for the sole purpose of earning is a great idea. If you haven’t thought about it yet, it is time to take steps towards making money from your blogging website. It can be a very good way to either supplement your income or create a whole new career. That doesn’t mean that you should go into the blogging with the whole notion that you are going to get rich quickly. It isn’t the first step to take after WordPress installation. You should create a blog first and foremost, you love, and that you actually enjoy, and later on, turn that into a money – earning machine. Monetizing a WordPress blog is a tough job, and everyone wants to earn something out of it, and it is why we have created this post to give you tips on how you can make money with your WordPress site.

1) Sell Advertising

This first thing you can do is, to sell advertising. It isn’t recommended for newbies or who do not have a steady flow of traffic to your blog. If you don’t really have a set amount of traffic, you should wait for a while to start selling advertising and get paid to blog. It is simple: people are not going to give you advertisements if you don’t have enough users arriving on your website, which is actually the whole point of them buying ads on your website. You ought to provide them value. They are looking to buy traffic from you. If you do have a good amount of traffic, you can start with Google Adsense Ad.

How Adsense ads works are they pay you per click, and they also pay you per 1000 impressions on your ads. Every thousand times your ads load for anyone, you get paid. Depending on your RPMs on Adsense i.e., the rate per thousand clicks, you are going to get, it will show you the number that changes every day. It is constantly changing and is never same for one person. It could be 5 cents per thousand impressions or $ 5. This number varies as per the demand of advertisements. Don’t think that Adsense will be an all-in-all earning way to your WordPress blog. You can also apply for an ad network. Depending on your traffic and the numbers that you show, they will decide whether to include you in the ad network or not. Again, the rates are different according to the need of that ad network.

2) Affiliate Links

It is recommended to those bloggers who are either fond of the products that are going to be displayed on the blog or their blog offers similar information. Keep your target audience in mind when using Affiliate links to monetize a WordPress blog as they are the only ones going to buy products at the end of the day.

For example, if you are a traveler and have a traveling WordPress blog, the best course of action for you to include affiliate links of the products that are pertinent to traveling, including backpacks, trekking shoes, traveling essentials, etc. How this works is you add a couple of advertisements on your blog that is relevant to your audience, and if someone buys them using this link on your website, you will receive a percentage of the sale. Amazon has a great affiliate program that offers maximum up to 10% of the products’ cost for any of their affiliate marketers.

Here are a couple of things that you should remember while using affiliate links on your website-

a) Always keep your readers in the loop that you are using affiliate links on your website, and that you should be earning a small amount out of them. Some countries even have laws about this.

b) Affiliate programs have certain terms and conditions to obey. Otherwise, you may get banned from using their links.

c) Make effective use of Affiliate link, meaning they should match with the layout of your website and should not look awkward or doesn’t make your blog look like just a mean of selling products.

3) Sponsored Posts

Companies approach bloggers who offer content relevant to their potential customers. For example, if you are an SEO enthusiast, who offer valuable information on search engine optimization to a good number of audience. Companies who offer SEO services will most likely to approach you to publish a blog post or article relevant to their service offerings. Some companies might want you to add a certain number of articles each month, which can become another monthly source of income for you. If you have heavy traffic reaching your website every day, you get to demand the money as well. However, the only thing you should remember while posting content on behalf of any other company is you should be impartial, which can boost your credibility among readers. Just because someone is offering you a high payout, you should write only positive factors. You should be neutral when writing sponsored posts!

4) Custom Search Engines

Have you ever noticed that while searching for particular information on a website, it takes you directly to the Google pages? Well, that is the work of the custom search engines. If you have a lot of information on your website, and people often search almost anything on your blog, it is time to include Google’s CSE. It also improves search engine functionality of a website. You won’t start earning straight away as you would be required to connect the search form with your Adsense account. Once you have integrated both the accounts, every time someone searches through the CSE on your website, and click on the ads displayed on the form, you will get paid. However, if you are an e-commerce store owner, do not use that as you might end up displaying ads of your competitors.

5) Sell Your Own Products

What better way than using your own blog to promote your own products! But, you must establish yourself as an authority in your niche before you do that because if you are just starting out as a blogger, and doesn’t really have a good amount of readers, you won’t be able to sell anything. If you are a WordPress designer and an expert in web development, you can create a guide or an ebook on your blog for the readers to purchase. Indubitably, everyone craves for good, detailed information that is available in ebooks/guides. If your content is appealing, people will be definitely fascinating towards what more you have to offer.


WordPress blogging is a great way to start earning online, but as stated above, it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to devote time and efforts unless you pull a decent amount of traffic so you look like a credible blogger. Once you achieve the authority, you can easily monetize a WordPress blog. If you already have a website, you can use these tips to get started with the earning process, and if you are just a beginner, start with generating traffic first.

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