After the release of Font Awesome version 5, They have made two plans – Free and Paid. The famous Line icons now fall in the premium category and the Free now looks outdated. Also the latest version has a huge file size. Did you ever wanted a good free alternative for the popular font awesome icon? Here is a list of some of the great Free Font Awesome alternatives for a pretty good minimal website. Before you decide using Font Awesome, think of using these best free svg icon fonts alternatives.

1 – Bootstrap Icons

For the first time ever, Bootstrap has its own icon library, custom designed and built for our components and documentation.

Bootstrap Icons

2 – Feather Icons

Simply beautiful open source icons. Developer’s favorite Icon set. Its also available for frameworks like React.

Feather icons

3 – Ionicons

Premium designed icons for use in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps. Support for SVG and web font. Completely open source, MIT licensed and built by the Ionic Framework team.


4. Hero Icons

Free, open source icons from the creators of Tailwind CSS

Hero icons

5. Icon SVG

ICONSVG is a simple tool to find, customize and generate common SVG icons for your project.

Icon SVG

6 – Entypo

Free for commercial use, attribution to the creator is required.

Goto Entypo

7 – Material Design Icons

Material design icons is the extended version of official icon set from Google. It has a lot of community created icons which allows designers and developers to download icons for various platforms in any format, color and size.

Download Material Design Icons

8 – Iconmonstr

Discover 4237+ free icons in 296 collections. 2 types of icon sets available – Icons and Iconic Font. Also Icons include Fill or Bold line (heavyweight style with a geometric style) and Thin line (lightweight style of fill and bold line version).

Download Iconmonstr

9 – Material Design

The Original Material Design Icons comes with 750+ free open source glyphs by Google.

Download Material Design Icons

10 – Zurb Foundation Icons

Zurb is a custom collection of 283 icons in a handy web font. Easily customize these icons to be any size, color, and style in CSS.

Download Foundation Icons

11 – Linearicons

Linearicons is an Ultra Crisp Line Icons with Integrity. The free version of Linearicons is delivered by Amazon CloudFront. Quickly start using it by adding two lines of code to your website.

Download Linearicons

12 – Simple line icons

Simple line icons comes with CSS, SASS, LESS and Web fonts files. Click on the icons to get the icon class name.

Download Simple Line Icons

13 – Icons8

There are plenty of ready – to – use icons. Replace Font Awesome with modern line icons with a single line of code. It includes AJAX loaders generator in pure CSS and HTML, CSS3 / SASS object generator.

Download Icons8

14 – UIKit

UIkit comes with its own SVG icon system and a comprehensive library. Also, it comprises a growing number of elegant outline icons.

Goto UIKit

15- Dripicons

A completely free vector line-icon font by Amit Jakhu. Dripicons 2.0 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and the font under SIL Open Font License.

Download Dripicons

16. Line Icons

Handcrafted Line Icons for Modern User Interfaces of Web, Android, iOS, and Desktop App Projects. A Complete Yet Most Simplified Icon Pack Available on The Web!

Line Icons