There is no doubt that technical writing format a certain UX strategy, but for the most part, these UX teams underestimate just how important it is for the product design, mainly due to these writers not believing that it plays a role within user experience. But undoubtedly, it is. In circumstances where there are customers comparing, reviewing and making decisions; the reading of the content is the experience.

We will provide you with food for thought highlighting the importance of technical writing for promotional writing and we will describe ways in which the tools that you use can be improved.

The Content is Key

You can be minimalistic and create a native design and your users will be happy. But also, you could create a stronger and excessive design this way your users will have to fight their way through the application.

It goes without saying that the content itself and the technical communications that you enforce play a vital role in the user interface and structure. “Tech writers are able to give a plain-language explanation of how your product works, this way everybody would be able to understand it. They could write it in simple language so those that do not understand the complex technical language will be able to see through that,” – comments Shannon Grimes, a UX developer at Australian reviewer.

Teamwork makes UX Work

The content is vital if it involves the user’s decision making. Following this, the interface will be more successful when you have a UX team co-operate with technical writers and the translation of the understanding that content is the input to UX.

User experience is very well rounded and informed, but first of all and most mainly it deals with user experiences. A problem within UX could be very simple, meaning that the user simply didn’t go down the right path. For this very reason there needs to be a sound user interface as well as great copy.

Copy that doesn’t transfer well with a user interface cannot support the right value. As a conclusion, tech writers should get together with user experience designers to ensure that when a user considers a choice, they make the intended choice.

“In today’s UX, there is movement that the content comes first and then the design follows. This generally means that designers spend little time thinking about users and their needs and interactions. Collaborations and team work with technical writers can solve this problem, as the main point of the design of any UX system is to present information that allows people to perform tasks”, – explains Stacy Archie, a Technical writer at Ukwritings and Stateofwriting.

Overall, technical communication experts are a necessity for brainstorming meeting when the users understanding of copy in mentioned.

Consistent Values makes Good UX

Tech writers share the same values as experience designers, this is key. The passion for clarity, empathy, logical flow and consistency to the understanding of the user’s needs and expectations allows for the usability to flow.

In a lot of cases, the majority in fact, tech writers should be the first of those people that test different UX prototypes and also the final version of the design. They should also be encouraged to give honest and extensive feedback. Their shared values and high quality writing skills can give more benefits to the project.

For example, UX designers haven’t got as strong writing abilities and this limits them. So much of the UX is writing, such as creating UI text, writing the specifications and preparing presentations. “These reasons are exactly why the designers should work hard and study the syntax rules and the style guidelines. User Experience teams can ask their technical writers to help and create better and more efficient user experiences by crafting good and high standard UI text”, – says Enrique Mendez, a Web developer at Boomessays and Essayroo.

Not to mention, these collaborations and teams will help boots a project development and strengthen their brand and team relationships.

To Wrap Up

If you listen to most experts, they will tell you that clear and concise text might be the key to unlocking the best value. The user interface should always support the design. UX designers use far too much time using fake text when they should be using the real content and put this into the user interface. Using the real text reveals the true areas that need to improve.

Author Bio

Freddie Tubbs is a communication manager at Academized. He helps companies create a great user experience, and contributes posts to Paper Fellows and Australian help blogs.