ONE Membership by TemplateMonster is a subscription service that opens the access to thousands of WordPress themes, HTML templates, plugins as well as some other website-building tools. The number of products that you get with this subscription service is actually huge. In fact, in my opinion, this is the most beneficial service at the marketplace so far. In comparison with other similar services, ONE Membership is indeed the best deal, since it will provide you with a huge number of products for a reasonable, affordable price.

Tell Me More about ONE Membership!

ONE by TemplateMonster is an ultimate subscription service that includes literally everything one might ever need for building any kind of websites. In particular, the membership is equipped with more than 1000 WordPress themes, over 2000 E-commerce templates, as well as more that 40 powerful plugins. If that wasn’t enough, the service comes with a brilliant 24/7 support, so if you have any troubles, a friendly support team will be more than happy to help you. And the icing on the cake is of course unlimited downloads. In other words, you pay once and use all the items as many times as you want.

Would ONE Membership Work for Me?

Undoubtedly, this subscription service is great. However, it might not be as useful and beneficial for you as it is for me. So let us look though the groups of people who will definitely get the most of ONE Membership:

  • Bloggers who want to create fancy blogs with WordPress themes;
  • Website owners who have to bring their websites to the next level;
  • Web designers who always need lots of WordPress themes, templates, plugins etc. for their projects;
  • Entrepreneurs who need high quality websites for their companies and services.
  • These are the people who will no doubt benefit from ONE Membership, but if you do not belong to any of these groups, it doesn’t mean that this service will not work for you.

Basically, ONE will be extremely helpful for anyone whose job or hobby is connected with the internet or creating content for it.

How Much Would ONE Membership Cost Me?

The price is probably that very question that concerns most of you the most, so let’s go straight into the pricing then. ONE Membership cost just $19 per month or $229 per year. Yes, it might seem to be quite a lot, but unlike the other similar services that cost less, ONE has way more useful products, so this price is completely justified. You can pay for this subscription service online using one of the secure payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal, so you will not have any troubles with payments.

Besides, if for some reason you changed your mind, you can always cancel the service within 14 days after the day of your purchase and get your money back. Note that you can only get your money back if you haven’t downloaded any products from the library yet.

What Would I Get Access to?

ONE Membership will open the access to such cool items as:

  • 804 WordPress themes;
  • 139 WooCommerce themes;
  • 101 Elementor templates;
  • 13 WordPress plugins;
  • 28 PrestaShop modules;
  • 480 Magento themes;
  • 457 OpenCart templates;
  • 608 PrestaShop themes;
  • 275 Shopify themes;
  • 221 VirtueMart templates;
  • 3020 PSD templates;
  • 14 PowerPoint templates;
  • 209 Landing Page templates;
  • 1476 CMS templates;
  • and many more.

So as you can see, ONE Membership will provide you with literally everything you might ever need for building an unlimited number of websites.

What about the License?

ONE Membership has a yearly unlimited license. That being said, you can use an unlimited number of products provided by this service as many times as you want or need. So let us have a look at some licensing key points:

  • You can use an unlimited number of items during 1 year since the day of your purchase;
  • Your clients can use all the items from the service only as parts of the end-product;
  • You cannot use the items in your new projects after the expiration of your yearly license;
  • You cannot resale, distribute, or share any items from the subscription service;
  • You cannot claim any rights for any of the ONE Membership products.

When your license expires you do not have the access to ONE library anymore. However, your end-products that were made with the items from the ONE Membership will properly work even after the expiration of your license. Besides, you can always easily and quickly prolong the license if you want to continue using the service.

ONE Membership User Experience

ONE Subscription is actually a user-friendly service. You can easily and quickly sign up and start using this service. Once you have an account, you can log in and download any items you need from the library. The library itself is super easy to navigate, so you will definitely quickly find the very items you need.

Downloading the products from the ONE Membership library is very convenient and simple. All you have to do is to pick an item you like, press the button ‘Download’, and select your installation options. Pretty easy, isn’t it? After the installation you will have to open a zip file with an item (or items) you just downloaded and that’s it, you can start working with it.

Besides, in your account you will have a list with all the items you have downloaded as well as a Purchase Details table, so you can easily keep track of all the items you used and quickly find them if you need them again.

And last but not least, as a ONE Membership subscriber, you will regularly get special offers and discounts for the best products at TemplateMonster marketplace.

ONE by TemplateMonster vs the Competitors

Of course there are a lot of similar subscription services at the web design marketplace. Moreover, some of them are a little bit cheaper than ONE Membership. But if you take a closer look at those cheaper alternatives, you’ll see that there is the reason those so-called alternatives are cheaper. And the reason is they do not provide as many products as ONE Membership does. Just have a look at the comparison table in order to make sure that ONE is actually the best option.

As you can see, ONE Membership gives you the biggest amount for cool web design items as well as some services for the lowest price. So yes, ONE by TemplateMonster is really the best deal at the marketplace so far.

ONE Membership Cons and Pros


Huge number of WordPress themes;

Lots of HTML templates;

Powerful plugins;

Easy-to-use library;

Clear unlimited yearly license;

End-products properly work even after the license expires;

Affordable price and secure payment methods.


Not as many useful plugins.

Final Thoughts

As a developer, I was actually really impressed by ONE Membership. This service has literally (and I’m not exaggerating) everything for creating websites. From WordPress themes and HTML templates to powerful plugins – ONE will definitely equip you with everything you might ever need.

The biggest advantage of this service is of course its price. Just 19 bucks per month or $229 per year and you get an unlimited access to all the best TemplateMonster products. Another awesome thing the service has is an unlimited yearly license that allows you use all the items as many times as you wish. Besides, all your end-products will continue to properly function even after your license expires.

I daresay that I do not have any concerns about ONE Membership. Moreover, I do think that it’s a pretty cool service that will be advantageous for a lot of web developers due to its great products as well as its reasonable and affordable price. Do I use ONE Membership? Yes. Do I recommend this service to other web developers? Sure!