This October, Ghost – Just a blogging platform launched to the Public. Ghost has 6000 Kickstarter backers. Many designers started working with Ghost themes. So here are few Blog themes of Ghost for your Inspiration.

Readium Ghost Theme

Sven Read-ghost-theme
When it comes to Blog, Medium is popular now. Readium is a Ghost theme like Medium. Readium aims to bring you the readability and user experience of Medium while using Ghost. Developed by Sven Read.
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Ice Breaker Ghost Theme

Ice breaker is a simple Ghost theme by Justin Klemm.
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Ranger Ghost Theme

Designed to lead the way, The Ranger is at the forefront of theme design. It’s bold, powerful, and robust and will take your blog to another level.
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Personality Ghost Theme

Where sophisticated design meets individual journalism, Personally, a Ghost theme, provides a readable layout for posts of any length and screens of any size.
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Casper Ghost Theme

Casper is a default Theme for Ghost Blogging platform.
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Ghost Cat – Ghost Theme

Ghost.Cat Theme for
Ghost.Cat is strongly focused on blogging and nothing else. Just like the platform, this theme will be under constant development and anyone who owns a copy of it will receive updates for free.
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Kapow Ghost Theme

Kapow is a comic style Ghost theme from Polugonix
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Ghostwriter Ghost Theme

Ghostwriter is a simple AJAX driven theme for Ghost. It’s free, open source and available on github.
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Tophat Ghost Theme

Tophat is a Ghost theme from Polugonix
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Wudan Ghost Theme

Wudan is a Ghost theme from Polugonix
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